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For the company
Effective production management, transparent supply chains, risk reduction.
Set production tasks and combine them into technical processes. Manage your employees and equipment. Organize data on orders and parts, and get access to them anywhere.
A production environment where companies can exchange orders and track the execution.
Do you expect transparency from suppliers? Invite them to Yellot and work together.
Yellot search engine is continuously training on companies' real-time data, helping you choose suppliers and customers, manage risks, plan production and regulate its load.
Convenient tools
All your employees can be connected.
Thanks to mobile solutions, PC's are not required for this.
Yellot seems similar to a cloud MES/ERP system.
What's the difference?
Our main goal is to create an environment of interaction between enterprises.
Through our platform you can attract new orders
Publish an idle resource, someone is currently missing it very much. Tell the world about your capabilities. When receiving requests from customers, we offer the most relevant companies.
Find new suppliers and deepen interaction with existing ones
The process of interaction between cooperating companies through Yellot is absolutely transparent for both parties.
The use is free of charge in Yellot
We don't earn money from you, but we earn money with you.
Our partners
We focus primarily on small and medium-sized enterprises that need ambitious goals and profitable orders to grow. So we work closely with corporations to make cooperation transparent and harmonious.
Which processes does Yellot automate?
The company's work in Yellot involves the following processes:
- task managing;
- parts production;
- quotation making;
- orders manufacturing.
We paid special attention to the formation of production chains and management of complex tasks, but the basic functionality allows you to work with any enterprise processes.
Which functionality can I get right away?
Connecting to Yellot, you build a digital model of your business:
- tasks environment (creating and sending tasks to employees and contractees, coordination, execution control, etc.), including use of a chatbot;
- document management (including systematic storage of design documentation, payments and other documents for parts, tasks, quotations and orders);
- evaluation of quotations from potential customers;
- creation and control of order execution;
- creating and dispatching production chains.
Our team is improving Yellot constantly, so new features appear regularly.
How much does it cost to connect?
For small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, the main functionality is free of charge. And always will be.
Do we plan to make money? Of course we plan. Using SaaS-freemium model, in addition to the free functionality we are also developing fee services, such as searching for relevant manufacturers, delivery guarantees, CNC control programs' making, deep analytics, automated equipment telemetry collection, smart contracts, and others.
How to connect?
At the initial stage of operation, we adjust the load for the service stbility. So the registration of a new enterprise is carried out by the platform administrator (in the future, self-registration will be available).
To do this, you need to send a request from our website and we will register your account.
When you log in, the service will ask you to confirm your e-mail address with a confirmation link. Then you will be able to log into the system and to configure your company and connect employees, etc.
Can I control the work of my suppliers?
Yes, you can start monitoring the work of your suppliers if you start working on our platform yourself and attract your own subcontractors.
In Yellot you can manage not only your own production, but also relationships with your partners: transfer tasks, create and dispatch production chains, control the parts' making, etc.
For a fully functional operation, your partners need to connect to Yellot – then the production chains will be completely digital, and they can be managed as a single whole.
How does a cloud service differ from the local database?
Savings: to use Yellot an enterprise does not need to maintain its own server and system administrator.
Security: as with the Bank-client system, access to Yellot is carried out through a standard Internet browser, while information is not stored on the user's servers and devices (they are the least protected from attacks, unauthorized access, changes or loss).
Convenient access: each employee of the company, in accordance with their access rights, can work in Yellot cloud using their devices (personal computers, tablest, smartphones) in any place where there is access to the Internet.
What are the technical requirements and restrictions?
Internet, Internet, and Internet again. If you need a reliable connection, we recommend that you distribute good Wi-Fi to your employees: this is not only the minimum standard for a modern enterprise, but also your constant contact with your colleagues.
And so that they don't waste time on entertainment, just give them ambitious goals and the opportunity to earn more for themselves and for the company using Yellot.
How is my data protected?
When working with information, the balance between ease of access and security is important. We make sure that Yellot and your data are protected from attacks, unauthorized access, alteration or loss.
Users must comply with standard information security rules: securely store logins and passwords, reasonably control access rights, and correctly configure their Internet browser.
Is it possible to implement Yellot on my own?
You can and should. When connecting, there is no need for a system administrator to work, and a clear understanding of your company is sufficient. If necessary, you can request support and advice from Yellot specialists. If your company already uses CRM or another system, you can integrate Yellot via the API.
Our team
The team of developers is made up of the best mathematicians and programmers (ITMO University, St. Petersburg).
The study of consumers and testing of solutions is provided by expertise in the field of production.
Sergey Chukhontsev
Founder, CEO
Ilya Skorobogatov
Founder, CTO
Elena Nikolaeva
Pavel Kotlyarov
Senior developer
Vyacheslav Chuvashin
197022 Saint-Petersburg,
5 Medikov Avenue
Technopark of Saint-Petersburg
+7 (812) 9570788
+7 (912) 0221128

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